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Guest Testimonial

Testimonial success story The purpose of this letter is to share my experience as a guest of the Haven Men’s Shelter of Manitowoc County, circumstances leading up to my stay as well as my current situation following discharge. Approximately one month prior to the Haven I was admitted to a resident drug rehabilitation program where […]

Manitowoc County Homeless Estimates

Homeless Facts Manitowoc County Homeless Estimates Manitowoc County population (2007): 82,000 Statewide percentage living in poverty (2010):  11.78% (= 9,660 in Manitowoc County) Manitowoc County less than Federal Poverty Level (FPL)*:  6,000 (2010 pop. 2007 FPL) Manitowoc County 100% – 200% FPL**:  10,000 (2010 pop. 2007 FPL) Manitowoc County uninsured:  5,000 (2010 pop. 2007 FPL) Homeless […]

Stigma Vs Fact

Homeless Facts Stigma Vs Fact Stigma:  Homelessness isn’t an issue in my area. Homelessness is primarily in bigger cities. Fact:  There is consistent National and State demographic distribution of homeless persons. Stigma:  The homeless are violent and dangerous drug addicts and sex offenders. Fact:  The homeless are often veterans, single mothers, children, and broken families. […]